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"Behind every successful woman, is a dog who follows her to the bathroom."

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hi, i'm


from our family to yours...

I am the proud owner of Bark Culture.


I currently have three fur babies, 2 Goldendoodles - Giovonni, also known as "Gio", Spencer, & a Yorkie, Roscoe. 

I love being creative & I am absolutely obsessed with the dog community. I love using my creativity for outlets that I am passionate about & my fur kids are definitely one of those things. I've always had a passion for sewing & what better way to express that then to share it with fellow dog lovers. I decided to name it Bark Culture because I truly believe dog parents are a unique culture.

Our pets teach us what unconditional  L O V E is & in return we spoil them with undying affection

& lots of accessories!

When I'm not being completely dog obsessed or working on Bark Culture, I enjoy spending time with my family, hanging out with my wife, photography (which I also do professionally), cooking, going to the park, traveling, binge watching tv shows (love, love, love), & talking with friends. 


My son’s name is Jay, he is 13 years old, & the light of my life. My wifes name is Nina & we just recently got married in November. Adding her to our pack was one of the best feelings ever! You will see a lot of her as well if you follow our socials. 


We reside in Columbia, SC.

We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique merchandise on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. I'm extremely passionate about bringing you nothing but the best!

Thank you for supporting a dream that I hope grows more & more every day!



the Moskowitz Crew

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All of our bandanas are crafted with our dogs somewhere close by.  Most of the time they try & squeeze on the couch that's in my studio or lay across my feet. 
It makes my
heart happy to be able to share my brand with you all.

U N I T E D.

Hi Furriends,

I wanted to take this time to also let you know, I  represent a female-black-owned business.  I believe in standing for what matters &  "being the change"  you want to see! 


As a company that represents not only our furry friends, I also take pride in representing many different minorities that we support as part of our culture.


  Along, with the #blmmovement, we support LGBTQ, people with disabilities, & we want you to know we stand UNITED with YOU!  Countless people have been victims of police brutality & other forms of institutional racism in communities & around the country. 


Here at Bark Culture we stand for CHANGE!  We want you to wear a brand that you're proud of and help us make a difference one bark at a time.


  We are consistently updating our #blm collection & are open to ideas.  If you want to see something specific in the store, just let us know! :)  We recently decided to donate $1 from every bandana in our "Equality" section to various BLM foundations & equality groups.

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