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Please note: We will not accept anyone who does not currently follow or engage with us. 

We will not post or re-post dark, poor lit pictures.  We accept people with bright, boho, fun, & creative pictures.  We ask that you use natural light or take them outside, if you are inside we ask that they are clear vibrant photos that we can use on our Instagram & website.

Remember we ask that you have a high-engaged following on Instagram with over 500 followers, take high quality photos, brag about our brand, be dog obsessed :) and share unique content to your followers that includes Bark Culture products, post on your stories often, like & share our content, are proud of what we stand for, your brand is similar to ours visually (clear, fun, vibrant pictures with lots of neutrals), engage with other ambassadors and include us in giveaways to help us grow our audience base.


You will receive a 10% discount code you can use for your first order. 

Also, in your first order, you will have a free signature Bark Culture bandana. 


Once your first order is placed it will unlock the codes you will receive & use going forward.  The codes you unlock will be 25% for you & 15% for your friends, family, & followers. 

You will also be added to our Instagram team chat, & announced as a new ambassador in our Instastories for everyone to see.  

We are excited to be able to BARK about you!

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